MALACHITE wallpaper

For many nations the malachite stone is an amulet. It is believed that he gives wisdom to the spiritual forces, promotes physical and emotional harmony. The graphic texture and unique color of the malachite inspired the creation of the print. There were a lot of experiments, but as a result, a clear graphic drawing with ink and color finishing gave it a finished spectacular look.

Bathroom wallpaper.

Price shown per 1m².
The size of wallpaper can be manufactured according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Resistant to soaps, detergents, alcohol, alkalis, dilute acids;
  • No special installation skills needed;
  • The possibility of wet care (after drying);
  • B1 Fire Certificate (fireproof material);
  • Raw material – Lithuania;
  • Recommended for rooms with high humidity, except areas with direct water access.

Non-woven fabric


1000 (W) mm

Production time

1-2 weeks


Emerald, Gray, Green

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