Q1 lounge chair

Brand: ODESD2

Designer: Svyatoslav Zbroy

Q1 chair is a dedication to the creator of the geodesic dome, Buckminster Fuller, a science revolutionist. The chair is similar to its creation: it is able to withstand heavy loads, while staying visually light.

Disperse the tension

Once the inventor decided to check out what can one man do for all the humanity. First of all, he pondered what should be a house of the future: how to make it compact and able to accommodate a sufficient number of inhabitants. Thus the geodesic dome was created – a revolutionary architectural construction of lightweight materials that can withstand the enormous pressure.

Base of the chair is made of steel, extremely durable and wear-resistant material. To retain heat the inside of the chair is upholstered with felt, nonwoven fabric. The modular soft pillows’ mounting system provides additional convenience of their exploitation and replacement if necessary. Pillows are made of chenille with with flock substrate. Hollofayber is used as a filler. It is an environmentally friendly synthetic material and it’s capable to keep its shape in contrast to the classical fillers.

The spherical shape of the chair provides the most comfortable and natural for human seat. The appearance makes it universal for both public and home interiors.

Weight 38 kg

800 (H) x 890 (W) x 880 (L) mm


Chenille, Felt, Hollowfiber, Steel

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