Ukraine: Affair with Earth


The exhibition shows ways of how Ukrainian artists and designers create, collaborate and challenge/are challenged by Earth and its matters.

“In the relationship between Earth and humanity, not only a human can be an aggressor. Nature pays us back from time to time. I mean not only cataclysms but seasonal allergy. So some unusual design rethinking of richweed as the one of the main allergens which is widely spread in Ukraine could fit the general idea quite well.”\


Nadia Sheikina

Pr-manager of the project “Ukraine: Affair with Earth”


We are looking on Earth as on a Mother, Lover, Source of Inspiration, Associate and Partner in Crime. At the same time we adduce the fact of cruel exploitation of its resources. Affair with Earth aims to re-evaluate the meaning of Ukrainian crafts and shifts its mainly outcome-oriented focus to an on-going, process-based critical approach. Sources of materials, local production, sustainability and relationship to fellow (non-human) companion species become main anchor points. Rich Ukrainian mythology and traditional pagan rituals, based on equal human-nature co-existence, serve as a kick-off for a new swing of discussion about human-nature co-habitation. Observations and reflections on the phenomena of Chernobyl, where elks, deer’s, foxes, wolves, and many more species roamed the land taking advantage of human absence, while some species which were thought to have disappeared from the area (Przewalski horse)— were spotted within the Exclusion Zone again, Affair with Earth challenges privileged position of human in contemporary society by means of design within the local community of creators.

Chernobyl Spirit Company

Atomik vodka
Team of Ukrainian and British scientists studied agricultural possibility in the Zone of Obligatory Resettlement which became radioactive after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. They prove that more than thirty years after the Chernobyl disaster land in the Exclusion Zone can now be used to produce crops which are safe to consume.

Valentyn Frechka

Re-leaf paper
The project aims to offer a decent alternative to the traditional paper made from wood as well as to solve the problem of fallen leaves in cities.

Devo Home

Hemp Fur
Devo Home produces different goods from hemp and has created an alternative to natural artificial fur.
Hemp plant has some unique qualities. Neither pesticide nor herbicide is needed for it to be planted. Hemp is double cropping and it demands 75% less water than cotton and absorbs four times more CO2 than most trees.

Yuriy Ryntovt

Yuriy Ryntovt has created the original surface with black earth in its base to use it on facades of his furniture collection.
Designer elevates and rotates the horizontal surface of the soil into a vertical position to look into its face and touch its wrinkles.

Dasha Tsapenko

Project-manifest Growing Fur
Imagine a raincoat or a dress which you plant as a living creature, you take care of it and walk it outside when it rains in order to keep it living. Such a new concept questions a common position of humans as a center of ecosystem and provokes to reconsider their new place in the world.
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